Down by the river
I was drawn by your grace
Into tempest of oblivion
and to the lovers-place


Honestly ruminating on an intrusive thought is like an episode of the x files trying to find the truth etc etc but also in a state of panic that comes in surges and resurfaces out of nowhere with no warning. then when one obsessive theme chills of a bit another comes back so there’s no break just constant anxiety and probably within the course of a week you can convince yourself you’re any selection of rapist, murderer or at fault for someone’s death or harm, pedophile, into bestiality, an abuser, and then you try to ignore the thoughts and go out somewhere and think about how because you didn’t check the stove you could be killing a houseful of children or something like that. Fun times

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castle my asshole

im kinkshaming you so hard rn

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What's your opinion on castles


dumb houses for assholes made out of shitty rocks

lots of ppl don’t teach a language to their kids so they won’t be discriminated against and kids easily learn languages but they often resist to learning more languages than they absolutely need & they’d notice p fast they can just use english?

yeah pretty much

and it’s sad too because i know a lot of people (usually immigrant people of colour) don’t teach their kids languages because of the racism that results from it and it’s really a privilege to teach your kids a language other than english that’s not racialized and discriminated against and yeah. especially if you do it for cultural reasons, like french for example. also french gets a ton of government funding, but non-european languages get nothing of course so you have all these resources to enjoy that so many people don’t have and still treat it like it’s nothing or taken for granted 

vulturechow replied to your post: i know a lot of kids who didn’t speak …

my dad speaks it and my mom speaks some but they didn’t speak it to me growing up. sigh

omg i know it sucks so much like it doesnt even take effort at all cause kids can learn 2 languages easily you literally just speak it around them lmao and even if it has no cultural significance the economic benefit is there so i dont get why some many ppl don’t

i know a lot of kids who didn’t speak french and their parents just like put them in french immersion school. so they went from knowing next to nothing of french and started school in french and i used to be sooooo glad my parents weren’t dicks like that but now i kinda regret it cause it would have sucked for a while but the end benefit is better

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i was under the impression that all of nova scotia was mostly anglo

yeah, it is

and even the parts that aren’t everyone below the age of like…100 speaks english lmao

thats the same for pretty much all of canada tho it’s just that being bilingual is a great qualification for jobs which is why i care at all

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i'm french canadian (québécoise) & i could help you with the language or the culture if you're ever interested in learning about it, tho i'd be of less help if you're of acadian descent or something else

thank you!! im quebecoise by way of ancestry but i dont engage in the culture or know much about my family’s ancestry lol. my partners acadian so it’d be different but yeah. anyway thank you that’s really sweet

like for example if i wanted to be a social worker (which im considering) knowing french would be hella convenient and increase my chances of being hired and i mean i could learn it now but im lazy and it’s so easy to teach kids languages but my immeadiate family’s grandparents/parents just like didn’t bother